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As contractors for residential and commercial flooring installation, you can be sure of us delivering a quality floor. We have a complete inventory of commercial-grade flooring products, with a thorough understanding of the needs of the commercial environment. We can accommodate you with commercial carpet, tiles, laminate, and others. Our goal is always to provide you with an exceptional experience. We pride ourselves on superior service, and our customers agree, with one simply saying, "Excellent customer service and very competitive pricing! Not to mention free estimates!” Please read further to see why you’ll choose the Custom Floors of Georgia flooring company in Warner Robins, GA, for your commercial floors.

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With residential, the style needs to be matched with the person's overall decor. With commercial, even though the selection is still significant, the builder, facility, or property manager needs to make an investment that will serve them for years to come, especially since they can be sure of experiencing more foot traffic and constant cleaning.

We will ask you many questions because commercial needs are industry-specific, but we drill deeper to find relevant subcategories. For instance, if you are creating an office, what kind will it be? A medical office will need slip-resistant, antimicrobial flooring, while an advertising office will prioritize both aesthetics and function.



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Some of the best commercial floorings include:

1. Commercial-grade carpets: They are stylish and have extra durability and stain resistance. Some homeowners will even prefer a commercial carpet, especially if they bring home a new puppy or have other extreme durability needs.
2. Ceramic tile, Class 4 and Class 5:Tile is broken down into categories to indicate strength levels. As the numbers go up, so does the durability. Class 4 is for heavily trafficked floors in residential installations and light commercial ones, such as offices. However, Class 5 is for heavy commercial use, such as shopping centers, hotel lobbies, and walkways.
3. Laminate, AC4 rating: The AC (abrasion criteria) rating determines a laminate's strength in specific applications. The ratings are one to five. AC4 is for heavy residential and light commercial use, while AC 5 is for heavy commercial use. You might even see AC 6, which would be for areas like shopping malls.
4. Luxury vinyl: While this doesn’t have a specific rating system, it is a preferred choice of restaurant designers who need visual appeal and functional capabilities, like waterproof capabilities and durability. Senior housing builders also prefer it because it has a good traction and low maintenance, the latter being significant in communities where fun and activities are emphasized.
5. Rubber: This is the choice for gyms, and it comes in either sheet-form or tiles. It is affordable, durable, easy to clean, and versatile with non-slip surfaces. It's available in a wide assortment of colors and patterns, so it's the perfect definition of Form + Function for this atmosphere.

At Custom Floors of Georgia our professional staff will help you with the right commercial flooring installation. Our showroom is in Warner Robins, GA, convenient to Warner Robins, GA, Byron, GA, Elberta, GA, Centerville, GA, Bonaire, GA, Macon, GA, && Perry, GA. You’ll be glad you came; you’ll get information, a free commercial flooring quoteand friendly, superior service.