The essential facts about carpet

A carpet installation will add beauty and give you that soft, luxurious feeling underfoot like no other. It is available in countless styles, designs, constructions, and price points, as you'll see when you come into our carpet store in Macon, GA. Here are some things you may not know about rugs, however.

Carpet has constant modern innovations

Thanks to modern technology, we see frequent innovations to enhance durability and stain resistance. One even spent two weeks lining a rhinoceros cage before coming to market, with no damage and just requiring a hosing with warm water to get rid of soil. Digital patterning now enables the design to go entirely through the yarn instead of just sitting at the top, making it more vibrant and fade-resistant. The broadloom industry is also at the forefront of the eco-friendly movement, with a philosophy of the 3Rs--reduce, reuse, recycle. Some even use recycled plastic bottles to process into fibers, while others use corn products requiring 30% less energy than petroleum-based ones. The carpet itself is recyclable, becoming roof shingles or auto parts when the time comes.

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Quash mold, mildew, and VOC myths

Carpet is one of the lowest emitters of volatile organic compounds (VOCS). In addition, mold and mildew cannot grow on synthetic rugs that are kept clean and dry. Some like nylon and olefin are repellant to these substances, which harm the respiratory system.

Carpet can aid respiratory health

Scientific studies have proven time and again that rugs are fine for those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. This is because the fibers trap pollutants and other undesirable particles until deep cleaning when the fibers are scrubbed. Vacuum often, but remember it only gets the surface dirt, and schedule a deep cleaning every 12 to 18 months, or as your warranty states.
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Clean carpets improve indoor air quality

Because dirt and pollutants get trapped in the fibers, they can’t fly around in the air for you to breathe. When they are clean, it also allows air to circulate well, especially on the walls where it's needed most. Otherwise, you’ll have a stuffy, odorous room which is another reason for deep cleaning.

They retain heat or cool

Rugs have a high R-value which rates the temperature insulating abilities of a product. Padding also has a high R-value, so you have massive insulation when you put the two together! It also reduces noise, provides traction but cushions the fall if it does happen.

At Custom Floors of Georgia, we have 30 years in business and will take you through all the steps, from budgeting, planning, and selection to delivery and installation, whether it’s carpet or some other flooring. We also provide design and decorating help, along with residential and commercial contracting. Our showroom is in Macon, GA, convenient to Warner Robins, GA, Byron, GA, Elberta, GA, Centerville, GA, Bonaire, GA, Macon, GA, and Perry, GA. Visit us for your free carpet upgrade quote.